Drummer Girl

Bronze Medal Moonbeam AwardsWinner of the Bronze Medal,

YA General Category,

Moonbeam Awards.


More than anything, Sid wants to be a drummer in a band. When she gets the chance to try out for the best high school band in the area, she finds out that there is a lot more involved than just being a great drummer. How much will Sid give up to get what she wants?

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CM Magazine (Nov 2012): “High school, family life, friendships and personal passions are all on display and bundled well into a good story.”

Deakin Review of Children’s Literature (Sep 2012): “Writing for teens is an exercise in walking a tight-rope. Stories must reflect the current realities of their world, which is sometimes difficult for an adult writer to access directly, while offering commentary on that world that avoids didacticism. Karen Bass achieves both feats with ease in her novel Drummer Girl.”

Canadian Children’s Book News (Feb 2012): “Sid is a compelling character who, despite her own flaws and blind spots, remains very likeable. Important lessons aside, Sid’s story, including a bit of light romance, will keep teens turning the pages.”

Resource Links (Jan 2012): “Bass has created a story that is fast paced and gritty. Sid is caught up in a journey of self-discovery and her path is not always smooth.”

Booklist¬†(Nov 2011): “While drumming and music are the hooks to reel in readers, drummer-girl Sid and her friends are every high-schooler, and Bass clearly shows the pain of being harassed and bullied.”

Kirkus Reviews (Aug 2011): “Fast paced and insightful, a good choice for teen readers, especially those interested in music.”

Diary of a Bookworm Blog¬†(Aug 2011): “Despite some of the deeper issues broached, Drummer Girl is an engrossing and enjoyable story.”




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