Summer of Fire

Del’s parents have exiled her to Hamburg, Germany, to spend the summer with her much older sister, Cassandra. Separated from her friends, having to cope with a sister who is her polar opposite, Del struggles to figure how to fit – in her foreign surroundings, in her family, in her own life. When Cassandra’s landlord asks Del to read the translated diary of Garda, a girl from World War Two, Del meets someone in those pages who might have it tougher than she does.

Read Chapters 1 & 2.


The Diary of a Bookworm review (May 2010):  “Karen Bass has woven the story of two troubled teenagers, in different times but the same city, together in a very engrossing way.” To read the entire review go to The Diary of a Bookworm

Prairie Fire review (April 2010): “Although Summer of Fire is for teens, I enjoyed it too. Seeing the German viewpoint during the war is thought provoking, as is seeing both sides of Del’s rebellious behaviour. Readers will perhaps empathize with both viewpoints in the present-day problem, as well as in the historical conflict. ” To read the entire review go to Prairie Fire or Coteau Books.

Canadian Teacher Magazine review (March 2010): “There are many incidents throughout the story that could spark interesting class discussions. I found this novel a compelling read.” To read the entire review go to Canadian Teacher Magazine or Coteau Books.

What If? Magazine review (February 2010): “It’s a funny, entertaining, and quick read, and definitely worth checking out. Summer of Fire is a story that you’re easily drawn into and one that is hard to forget even after you put it down.” To read the entire review go to What If? or Coteau Books.

Resource Links review (December 2009): “This novel will speak to teens, especially those who understand what Del is going through. Students interested in German history and first hand accounts of life during WWII will also enjoy reading about Garda and her struggles.” To read the entire review go to Coteau Books.

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